"Time for Photos" or TFP for short, is a mutual collaboration between a photographer and a model. The photographer agrees to shoot the model at no charge and give photos in lieu of paying a modeling fee. This synergistic session allows the photographer and model to try new ideas and perfect new techniques, while bringing to life new images for both the model and photographer's portfolios.

Under normal circumstances, a model would pay my regular rates for a photo shoot. However, I will gladly consider a TFP arrangement if the model's look is suitable for something that I want to shoot, if I want to update my own portfolio or test out new photographic techniques, or if you have a unique idea for a photo shoot that I like.  Here are some details about the way I do TFP:

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are new to modeling or even completely inexperienced. A TFP session will be a learning experience for both of us while adding to both of our portfolios.